Orbit: Purchase #2

Ralph Arnold, Orbit, 1969
Orbit, 1969

“Orbit” Intaglio Print, 1969, got this at a steal ($25!) from a local auction house. Admittedly, it’s not one of his best works and needs to be seen in person to be appreciated. That being said, another Ralph creation for my collection!

One of the things I admire about Ralph’s oeuvre is that he was not afraid to take chances and try new things. That being said, it also makes it difficult to recognize some pieces as being by him. And, truth be told, some pieces are not as strong as others.

The image in “Orbit” is an embossed abstract round shape on white paper, so it’s quite difficult to make out. It was framed with a cream mat, which didn’t help with any contrast.

I took the image out to paint the mat and broke the glass while doing so, such a bummer. It did reveal that the paper is not in great shape, with a lot of discoloration and wrinkles, though the majority of it is hidden by the mat, so I decided to leave it on.

I took the opportunity while reframing it to paint the mat a dark grey. The frame I found as a replacement had a red mat which I feel complements the grey nicely. It’s still a very monochrome image but at least it’s prettier overall.

While I like the piece, it doesn’t display well, as the embossing can only be seen and interpreted from up close. For the price, though, definitely a worthwhile addition to the pieces I already own.

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